Specialized Dietary Products

Formulated ready to cook & ready to eat products

Our Products For


Type 2 Diabetes

Nutrients pairing to lower glycemic index (GI) and glycemic load (GL) and to prevent associated secondary disorders.


Chronic Kidney Disease

Leach-out technology to reduce potassium and phosphorous content


Enteral feeding

Blenderized, polymeric and disease-specific feeds with complete nutrition

How does it work?

Metaphor group
Our team of Doctors, Dietitians, Nutritionists, Scientists and Food Technologists work with a single vision of exploring natural and innovative means to combat diseases with Nutraceuticals and health foods and to come out with specialized therapeutic products for 24 different disease conditions.
We execute by;

1.  Keeping Food Synergy as our cornerstone to pair Nutrition, Design and Flavor
2. Employing Non-thermal technologies, Bio-fortification, Nano Technology and other novel technologies to keep food natural and nutritious
3. Following Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Hygienic Practices and conducting animal and human trials to ensure the efficiency of formulated products.

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