At NutriParadise we engineer food products as complementary to medicines which when brought together give the best results and speed up the recovery.

Nutritionists and scientists at NutriParadise collaborate and design the food products in which the ingredients work synergistically to deliver the most benefits.

Our Mantra

Our actions and operations are deeply rooted in 3 mantras based on Food synergy.

Pairing of Nutrition- We formulate our food products where one food component augments the benefits of another food component

Pairing of Flavor- We pair nutrition with flavor to make patients change their perspective on therapeutic diets.

Pairing of design- We strategically pair foods in order to make the nutrition delightful and visually appetizing!



NutriParadise Food products are designed for specific disease conditions. They are functional in nature
and are manufactured under hygienic conditions. The concept of food synergy is employed to make
them nutritious as well as delicious with therapeutic benefits. They are completely natural and additive



These are highly processed and are loaded with chemical additives. They may not be functional and are
not disease specific with poor nutritional quality.


Home foods may be hygienic but are not disease specific. They are prepared with lack of proper
nutritional knowledge and often by not following dietitian’s instructions.


They may be prepared under unhygienic conditions and have very low nutritional quality. They are not
functional and therapeutic. Chemical additives added may sometimes aggravate the disease condition.


Who What and Where

People: Doctors, Food Technologists, Scientists, Nutritionists

Equipment: We are a part of CFTRI and we have the best equipment and well advanced technology in our system to produce the best combination of tasty and healthy food product.

Tests and Trails: In the making of products undergo a lot of tests such as sensory and nutritional analyses, storage stability studies, animal and human trials to ensure their safety, stability and efficiency.